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What are Unfair Business Practices in Utah?

what are unfair business practices in utah

If you are a business owner, knowing the ins and outs of fair and unfair business practices are important. If you are careful about being aware of what is unfair, you are much more likely to avoid disputes and lawsuits, which, for obvious reasons, is good for your business.

The Unfair Practices Act

If you own a business in Utah, you ought to be very aware of the Unfair Practices Act that Utah has in place. This act is designed to protect consumers from being discriminated against, taken advantage of, and from unfair competition.

The details of this act may be found here but the main points of unfair practices that this act protects against are:

● Discrimination in price between different purchasers of commodities of like grade and quality

● Paying or accepting anything of value as compensation, or any allowance or discount in lieu thereof, except for and not exceeding the actual cost of such services rendered in connection with the sale or purchase of goods

● Discrimination in favor of one purchaser against another purchaser

● Advertising goods you are not prepared to supply

Avoiding Unfair Business Practices

It is, of course, natural to want to have a successful business that accrues plenty of profit. Some unfair practices may even seem like a logical way to boost your revenue. Nevertheless, these practices should be avoided at all costs, otherwise your business may be subject to legal consequences.

Additionally, it is also important to be familiar with the laws so you do not inadvertently infringe upon them. Knowing what you can and cannot do when advertising, the types of things that you must disclose to your customers, and other such guidelines can save you from having to deal with lawsuits over unfair business practices.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when advertising and selling products to your customers:

● Ensure information about price, value, and quality is not misleading.

● Ensure that any disclaimers are prominent and visible, not obscured by images, graphics or text, and do not undermine or contradict the main offer.

● Ensure that any promises, opinions, or predictions are true or have reasonable grounds to be true.

● Ensure that you give consumers enough information to make an informed choice. Do not remain silent about important facts regarding your goods or services.

● Ensure that your advertisements are not offensive.

● Ensure that you do not make false or misleading claims about the characteristics of your goods or services.

● Ensure that you provide any gifts, rebates or prizes that you offer. They must match their advertised description.

● Ensure that you keep a reasonable supply of any sale items you advertise.

● Ensure that you never take advantage of a vulnerable person.

● Ensure that you always act in good conscience.

● Ensure that you do not use undue pressure, influence or unfair tactics to force a consumer into an unreasonable contract.

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