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Land Use

land use

The Federal and State governments of the United States of America have years ago demarcated different lands or large chunks of property for specific development purposes. Some of them may be for Federal or State use whilst others would be for community and commercial development, townships, extensions of the urban areas of the nearest city among many other proposed plans but which are still on the drawing boards. In Salt Lake, you’ve got to go through the Zoning and Land Use Department at the County Level for sure. We help developers and land owners with their issues with zoning and land use.

For instance, if a land is specifically earmarked and planned as a residential area and is presently empty and barren you would not be permitted to buy and acquire land within that area and start a factory to manufacture something. These are zoning and land use laws that each city and county regulate. Depending on the type of manufacturing plant you intend on building, you may need to deal with the EPA or Salt Lake County Board of Health.

Even if you could acquire the land from private owners who would know that it is planned for specific development projects they would still sell it to you and get rid of their problem and are required to disclose such details to you if you ask for it but when you start the basics of making the plans to get your proposed project off the ground you could be in for legal trouble.

Accordingly, it would be prudent on your part to have all the information pertaining to the real estate that you are planning to acquire especially the specific zoning laws before you go ahead and acquire any real estate anywhere.

New York City was the first to adopt the zoning initiative and promulgate laws in 1916 but since then all municipalities, local councils, States and the Federal government follow suit. In Utah, you must check with the County and the City to determine what you intend to use the property for is approved and valid. You might have to file a change of use permit or get a variance.

Any land anywhere would be encompassed into a specific zone and it would be the prerogative of the buyer to initiate action to find out for what purpose the land they are interested in purchasing is zoned for, before acquiring it for the development that they have envisaged and planned.

If you are moving forward with a project, you ought to call the lawyers at Ascent Law to advise you on the zoning laws of the respective city which would invariably be within the jurisdiction of the property. We can assist you with the State authorities and County Planning Commissions as well.

Both zoning laws and the prevailing real estate within the jurisdiction of the respective authority are intertwined so you cannot ignore one and just comply with the other. You need to take care of all issues before you start.

Conclusion on Land Use in Real Estate

So whether you are working on a residential subdivision development or a commercial shopping center or a school or hospital, contact the real estate attorneys at Ascent Law. We will with together with you side by side. When you need a real estate lawyer in Utah, call Ascent Law for your free consultation (801) 676-5506. We want to help you!

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