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What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

In the moment an emergency arises, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to respond and what to do. Though car accidents are, without a doubt, the most common of problematic situations in St. George and other cities in Utah, in today’s day and age, the frequency with which harmful slip and fall incidents take place is alarming.

With that in mind, it’s imperative that people, regardless of whether they’re old or young, know how to appropriately take control of a slip and fall situation, even as victims.

For starters, it’s key that you or a loved one remain calm and collected. Seek immediate medical help so that your overall health is addressed and an official paramedics report can be filed. Any lawyer will tell you that when injuries go without proper treatment and documentation, a claim’s potential takes a huge hit.

Secondly, the various reports provided by medical doctors can only do so much. Believe it or not, it’s up to you to do a bit of reporting, as well. Take images of the location where you fell or anything else that might have caused the untimely happening. Also, collect the names of those who were present, as well as their corresponding addresses and telephone numbers.
After arriving home, change out of the clothing you were wearing at the time of the accident and place it in a safe place, seeing as how it might need to be used at a later date as evidence. Once everything preparatory has been taken care of, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in St. George or elsewhere to help legally set the record straight.

Can You Get In A Slow Speed Accident?

Many people believe that slow speed accidents are uncommon and only happen in parking areas. Although, that is true for the most part, it’s safe to say that slow speed accidents happen during anytime and anywhere.
You might be in traffic, at a fast food drive-through or even in a school zone. Car accidents in these areas are surprisingly very common due to rear end and pedestrian collisions. You should be aware of these car accident cases and learn how to avoid them.

Its five in the evening and you’re in traffic jam on southern Salt Lake City highway; you’re feeling hungry and beat-up from the workday. You decide to put your car in park as you take a sip from your drink. You feel a sudden jerk as your car moves forward.

You’ve been rear ended by a distracted driver. The driver was failing to maintain speed, and you may have had better luck if you didn’t have your car on park. Thankfully, you have your heroic lawyer on speed dial.

It’s unlikely for you to experience serious injuries while backing up—you were only moving at a mere five miles per hour. Your car might take the blame, leaving you with a slight dent. Your auto insurance company will be able to cover the cost depending on your coverage. Your lawyer will be on your side if you had any injuries, no matter the extent, during this car accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

There is a valid reason as to why the schools speed limits are 20 or slower. It all comes down to being aware of your surroundings and being able to come to a complete stop quickly. Car accident cases that include pedestrians usually cause injury for both parties. That’s why you would need to hire a lawyer.

Slip And Fall Lawyer Free Consultation

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident, please call Ascent Law LLC for your free consultation (801) 676-5506. We want to help you.

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