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When Do Most Car Accidents Happen?

When Do Most Car Accidents Happen

Whether you consult the Utah Department of Public Safety or any one of America’s many insurance companies, you’ll always hear that summer is the most dangerous time to drive. Specifically the months of June, July and August have the highest mortality rate due to auto accidents. While this may seem contradictory to what most people would think, there are many valid reasons that explain this phenomenon.

The first reason has to do with the amount of drivers on the road. During the summer months, the number of people that drive to see family or go on vacation rises dramatically. Specifically, the weekend closest to the Fourth of July poses the biggest threat to motorists.

The second reason has to do with the average speed of cars on the road. Since summer generally comes with more favorable driving conditions, drivers don’t feel the need to slow down. Truthfully, human reflexes are only so fast and a higher speed results in less reaction time for drivers.
Although summertime is highly anticipated, people must keep in mind the risks they run while driving a car. Caution is always necessary when operating a vehicle, especially on the freeway.

With the average gas price increasing as the year progresses, it might be time to start considering alternative options for transportation. It doesn’t even have to be a permanent decision, you can just switch the way you get to work. Riding a bicycle to work will not only save you money in the long run, but you get the benefit of getting exercise at the same time.
However, just like driving, biking to work can mean a car accident. Be aware of the dangers and have a lawyer handy in case you do get hurt. While the likelihood of calling a lawyer for a car accident are slim, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Things like riding with a helmet and wearing reflective clothing will greatly reduce your chances of getting in an auto accident with another car, or even a pedestrian. Don’t let this deter you; bicycling’s benefits will improve your health in the long-run.

In Utah, where the gas prices are the tenth highest statewide, bicycling and carpooling are encouraged by both the state lawyer and politicians. Carpooling will save money on gas just like bicycling, but you are still contributing to the damaging effects cars have on the world and you. Carpooling also requires you to sit in traffic and pay the driver for gas.
Bicycling on the other hand only requires you to pedal your legs. As a matter of fact bicycling is actually easier on your joints than walking is. When you bike to work you are sitting on a stool and putting your weight on your hips. Walking requires you to put all of your weight on your legs which can cause wear and tear.

The constant pedaling easily allows you to freely move through your city with ease. Pedaling is also an aerobic exercise, strengthening your respiratory system and your endurance. This increase in endurance will also build muscle and bone support, something that decreases in mass and density as you age. Bicycling will make you the healthiest person in the office because of this constant exercising.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you drive or how long you’ve been driving — the threat of an auto accident is always present, even in pleasant cities like West Jordan, Utah. That said, some accidents are more serious than others.

More often than not, when an auto accident takes place, it’s a bumper-to-bumper affair with the person in the back being held accountable for what’s happened. However, is this always the case? Needless to say, when it comes to establishing proper fault in rear-end collisions, things can become a bit tricky, often requiring the services of an accomplished lawyer.

If you’ve recently been involved in a rear-end accident in West Jordan or any other city in Utah, odds are high that you were found to be at least partially negligent and responsible for what occurred. Regardless of state, the law requires that each and every vehicle follow the one that precedes it at a safe distance.

Sure, the motorist in front of you may have slammed on his or her brakes, but had you been following at a secure distance, the chances of an unfortunate automotive encounter would’ve been greatly minimized and the need for a lawyer wouldn’t exist.

Yet, as is nearly always the case with law, there are exceptions to the norm. For example, if a driver in front suddenly reverses driving direction or stops to make a turn and doesn’t do so, he or she could very well be partly culpable for what came about. Additionally, if a driver’s brake lights don’t function or a flat tire is ignored, thus causing danger for other drivers, fault needn’t be entirely yours.

Whatever the case, if you feel you’ve been wrongfully dealt with in an auto accident, consider speaking with a West Jordan personal injury lawyer, be it in Salt Lake City or elsewhere, as soon as possible.

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