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Working on Cases Today

Met with a client regarding a lawsuit this morning. This client was referred by another attorney who does not do litigation work. This one is in the Salt Lake Department of the Third District Court. Typically, when a summons and complaint are served in the State of Utah, the Defendant has 20 days in which to respond in writing to the complaint.

The response can be in the form of an Answer, but the response could also be in the form of filing a motion, such as a Rule 12(b)(6) motion. In this case, we are going to file an Answer and a Counterclaim.

I spoke with a debt collector for one of my clients who wanted me to verify my client’s social security number and date of birth. That was the first time I’ve had someone call me and request that I divulge that information to them. Of course I did not do it. I requested to speak with their attorney. I was able to do so and had a pleasant conversation with him and the situation was resolved amicably.

Sometimes all you need to do is communicate and the situation resolves itself.