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Can A Lawyer Get You Out Of A DUI?

Can A Lawyer Get You Out Of A DUI

So you’ve had a couple, or three or four drinks and decided to get behind the wheel of your car. You haven’t necessarily done anything wrong such as speeding or getting into an accident but you’ve been pulled over anyway.
If you’ve had more than one or two drinks most likely you are going to get cited or charged with driving under the influence. If you are arrested and charged then you need to get yourself an attorney. Having a DUI lawyer on your side can assist you with your charges and may be able to help you keep yourself on the road.

One of the main things that many people with these types of charges have is jail time. You will often find that if you are a first time offender you might end up with simple probation. Those that decide to take this situation on themselves and don’t have a DUI lawyer you might often find themselves in lockdown for several days or months. If you have an experienced attorney on your side then you might be able to avoid spending that time behind bars.

A DUI lawyer from Ascent Law LLC can also help you keep your license. When you are formally charged with a charge like driving with intoxicated your license is normally suspended within 10 days of the arrest. If you get an attorney immediately then he can help you get the paperwork filed so that you can keep your license.

Now if you are a multiple-time offender your attorney might not be able to save your license. He can possibly help reduce the time that you are without it, but no matter how experienced your attorney is, there is only so much they can actually do.

A DUI lawyer can also help reduce the amount of jail time if any, that you will have to serve. Like with your license, you will be subject to your record and to the letter of the law. If you are a first time offender, however, your attorney might be able to get any time commuted down to probation and fines instead of spending the time behind bars.

Having an experienced attorney can be your best bet in keeping yourself out of jail and on the road even if you’ve made a mistake such as driving under the influence. You really need to have a DUI lawyer on your side during this time.

If you have recently been arrested because you decided to drink and drive, then you need to know what you face and you must hire a DUI defense lawyer to protect your rights. This is a necessity and there are always lawyers that are willing to take these cases and work with you on a payment plan if necessary. Here are some things to help you out.

You must start by understanding that you could face jail time, a license suspension, probation, community service, and many other penalties. Some states have even started putting a breath analyzer on the cars of those that get arrested for drinking and driving to keep them from doing so again. Some also make you take a pill that will make you get sick if you drink.

With a DUI defense lawyer, you will have a better chance of getting the minimum penalties and possibly getting out of the DUI charge altogether. They know how the system in your area works, they know the judge, and they know the prosecutor. This works in your favor and the DUI defense lawyer will be able to negotiate a better deal for you than you will be able to do on your own.

This is a serious offense and many states have started to take it much more serious than they ever did in the past. This means that you will have to pay some fines for sure, but you can negotiate a deal, especially if it is your first offense. This could be a deal that includes minimum penalties and the chance to get the DUI off your record as well.

If you are someone that loves to party all night long and then you immediately get behind the wheel and race with your friends, then that is really something that will get the cops angry on you. You might say that you are doing fine behind the wheel and that there is nothing wrong that can happen, but the law is the law and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a superhero or not, you will need to abide by it.

Thus, if you will get to meet the police on the way and they will stop you and notice that you are drunk, you will certainly need to consider getting yourself a DUI Attorney. You will see that he will know exactly what to do in order to get you out of the mess that you have fallen into.

Some people will think that they are so smart and they will delve into getting out of this situation by themselves, by that will certainly be a mistake, as every case is different and has a certain degree of complexity. You will sooner or later need professional help from a Utah DUI Attorney. When you will get in touch with such a lawyer, you will not have to worry about the outcome of the trial in court, for he will swing things around so that you will get to win the trial. He has the necessary know-how that he will certainly employ in order to get you out of this mess.

You will see that the prices for such lawyers will vary and you will need to get one according to your budget. If you think that getting one is too expensive for your pockets, then think of the fact that going to jail is not something that will make you happy. So spending a few extra hundreds of dollars will only be to your benefits.

There might be errors in the tests you took, for example in the blood tests or in the chemical tests. There are some cases in which the equipment the specialists are using is very much old and not working up to par, so this is the perfect scenario for a mistake to slip in.

These are important things that a lawyer will consider when he will be trying to win your case over the accusation. Always make sure to get a good DUI lawyer, as your chances of getting away with it will increase a lot.
Being charged with driving under the influence or DUI lawsuit does not mean that you should just wait for your punishment. Of course, you can also help lighten your sentence. However, the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a seasoned attorney to defend you because you will not be able to do it all by yourself. Just like any other case, a lawyer will be able to help you navigate through your rights and the laws involved in that case. After all, that is what a lawyer is for.

A strong lawyer will be able to get you out of bars when you are faced with a DUI charge. You will usually be charged with fines, but at least a good lawyer will spare you from extreme punishments, such as spending time behind bars and revocation of your driver’s license. Even if you are guilty, your lawyer will be able to lighten your sentence, like doing community service instead of spending time in jail. Since you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, you may be able to receive a trial if you have a good lawyer. There are some states that already give jail sentences even if you have no previous record of any DUI offenses, so an experienced

DUI attorney can come in handy.

If you are having trouble finding an attorney to work for your case, you can ask the help of companies that introduce clients to capable lawyers who will assist them in their respective cases. However, you should take note that the services of these lawyers may be a little expensive, but at least you can be assured that you are going to avoid jail time with your DUI case.

Remember that your lawyer will be the one to determine whether your case is worth fighting for or not. Until then, always presume that your case can be fought during the trial and hire the services of a capable attorney. If you fight, you may still be able to keep your license or at least secure a temporary one rather than have your license instantly suspended or revoked.
A skilled lawyer may also be able to keep your records clean. He or she may be able to prevent your first DUI offense from going into your records, especially if your case is strong. Your lawyer will also inform you of your rights, hence preventing you from making brash decisions and actions with regard to your DUI case.

Ways to get out of a DUI charge

DUI or Driving Under influence is the act of operating any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drug. DUI can be charged if the person is found driving after or during the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.
DUI or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is synonymous term representing the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol or drug or combination of both. It is considered as criminal offense in many countries.

Hire a DUI Attorney

DUI is a serious crime that carries a high penalty. If you or any of your friends are charged under this law, the following information on DUI lawyers and DUI law will surely help you in this case. The first step to follow is to act quickly. You need to look for a good DUI lawyer to represent you.

Need for DUI Lawyers

The DUI conviction can be costly and result in a long stay in jail or worse. Hence, professional legal representation is strongly suggested.
The DWI laws are complicated and hence t is imperative to hire a good attorney that can pick holes in the case against you and with little technical help, he/she can get you out of the charge.

If you do not go for the DUI/ DWI lawyers to defend your rights, you may perhaps face

• Long Period Imprisonment

• Job Loss

• Cancellation of Driving License

• Insurance coverage difficulties

• Probation

• Restricted interstate or international travel

• Impoundment of vehicle

Common DUI Defense Strategies

• Bring the witness that can testify that you were sober and had permissible BAC at the time of driving.

• Question the accuracy of breath analyzer BAC reading.

• Prove that the officer requested or tricked a person into driving drunk.

• Prove that the defendant honestly believed that his BAC was below the legal threshold.

• Prove that the alcohol or drug was ingested without his/her knowledge.

• Prove that you had only lawfully prescribed substances in your body, without being advised not to drive after taking it.

• Prove that the defendant’s BAC was in permissible range while driving and went above the limit for a significant amount of time after the arrest.

All these strategies are not available in every case. Every defense will require tangible facts to back it up in order to stand a chance in court. Preparation, knowledge and an excellent DUI attorney are the best defenses. Your DUI attorney should be an expert in all the intricacies and nuances involved with DUI offenses.

DUI Lawyer Free Consultation

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