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Claims For Slip And Fall Accidents

It is very unusual that a slip and fall accident does not get resolved before reaching the trial. The majority of slip and fall cases end with a settlement by both parties beforehand. Below will be described some things and tips that will assist in making the claim reach a favorable settlement amount for the victim.

Guidelines for Filing a Claim

The following guidelines are provided so that the victim is able to present their claim the best way possible:

  1. The causal connection has to be proven between the injuries sustained and the slip and fall accident
  2. Providing evidence that the condition that caused the injuries was notified to the at-fault party before the accident took place.
  3. All documentation of the injuries should be kept
  4. All expenses derived from the accident should be kept
  5. Exaggerating the severity of the injuries should not be done because if the person is caught lying, then their case will no longer have validity.
  6. Contact a personal injury lawyer to help with the case

The importance of all of these steps is essential for having a solid case. The victim needs to show that the fall was the direct cause for their injuries that will be a factor in proving how the at-fault party is liable for it. Just stating that the victim was injured is not enough to prove liability in a slip and fall case. Showing that a dangerous condition existed is not the hard part, the difficult part is showing whether the owner of the property had notice of the hazardous condition before the accident occurred. The victim can do so by obtaining these facts:

  • Testimonies: Obtaining testimonies of other people that may have known that condition was there for an extended amount of time.
  • Footage: Surveillance footage of the property that shows that there was a dangerous condition that was there for a long period of time.
  • Incident report: This documentation can have details on why the hazardous condition was not addressed and why is was present.

The attorneys at Percy Martinez Law firm can help acquire the proof that will be needed for a slip and fall case. Their Miami Personal injury lawyers can aid in the preservation of the proper documentation for the case.

How Much Does a Victim Receive From a Slip and Fall?

For slip and fall cases, it is difficult to cite any one figure because there could be a number of variables tied into the compensation amount that someone would receive. The court may consider the following:

  • Direct medical expenses from the accident
  • Loss of future employment and earnings
  • Loss of consortium for now and the future
  • If that at-fault party can be sued for punitive damages

Receive A Consultation Today

The litigators from Miami Personal Injury Lawyer’s in Percy Martinez’s law firm have helped thousands of victims through their claiming process and have obtained triumphant results for their cases. The least the firm can do is allow them to recover everything that is owed to them by the accident that happened to them because of another’s negligence. The right move would be to give them a call (305) 529-001 and see where the victim’s case stands. They are always helpful and honest with everyone who seeks their aid.