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What Are Some Of The Main Concerns About Child Custody?

Usually, a big concern is how fast the process will be done, how long it will take and what can they do in the meantime. Things never happen overnight in a court process and usually it takes a minimum of six weeks to get to court, but the sooner they come in and the sooner the case is filed, the sooner things can move forward.

With Child Custody As The Primary Factor In The Divorce, What Qualities Should An Attorney Have And What Are Some Red Flags?

A client should definitely make sure they have somebody who has been to court, who has tried several cases and has plenty of experience. They should not get somebody who is freshly out of law school, experimenting on their case or doing a case for the first time, because it can be very dangerous. They should get an attorney who has done this before and who is familiar with the judges and the commissioners, who knows them and knows what they are looking for so they can properly present a case, which is probably the most important thing. They should also have an attorney who knows the law, has practiced in the area for the long time and has a good reputation, because that is really what they are looking for.

What Are Some Tactics That Opposing Spouses Use?

False allegations are usually brought up regarding drug use, violence and things like that for which there is no evidence. The spouse sometimes brings those issues up just to cause someone else grief.

Will The Attorneys Of Both Parties Work With Each Other On This?

It really depends on what the client’s goal is. We can definitely help them if they want to try and work out an arrangement. The courts in Utah require mediation, so if it is a new custody case, they will have to go to mediation at some point before they go to trial. This is where the mediator will try and get the parties to come to an agreement and give and take a little on both sides. If the parties can get along or are very close, then the attorneys can take care of this together, or they can involve the mediator if they cannot resolve it on their own.

Should A Person Prefer An Aggressive Attorney For A Divorce That Will Require Custody Or If It Is Only A Custody Battle?

It really depends on what the person wants to do. The client would want somebody who is aggressive in a heated custody battle where they know it will go to trial. They would want someone who will fight for their rights because if they get somebody who is not aggressive, they might end up in trouble and will definitely not get the end results they want.

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