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How Does Utah Child Support Find People

How Does Utah Child Support Find People

When a noncustodial parent has been delinquent and fallen behind in paying for child support, the state may be forced to grant the custodial parent an enforcement action. But since the unresponsive parent is probably nowhere to be seen and held responsible, the state may have to try and locate them. Because of this, you may need help from a Child Support Lawyer.

The Utah Department of Human Services will then work through Office of Recovery Services (ORS) and try to locate the absentee parent. The ORS/CSS will embark on finding the nonresponsive parent and normally, they do it through the following.

Finding the Deadbeat Parent

The first step towards finding that elusive non-supportive parent is to gather as much identifying data about him or her as possible. If the noncustodial parent is a former spouse, locating the right information won’t be hard. The same is true if the parent is within reach, perhaps when otherwise unresponsive parent is a state employee. Essentially, the information to focus on includes:

  • The absentee parent’s official names
  • The social security number
  • Place of work and who the employer is
  • Names of co-workers and their respective addresses
  • Friends and family members who may have related information
  • The Paternity tests and other verifications

Further Assistance

Aside from using the basic details of identification above, the state can use their own automated computer systems known as the State Parent Locator Service (PLS). Sometimes, however, data matches with state financial institutions ease the process and help the custodial parent find and prosecute the nonresponsive parent. It is important to add that the state through the relevant agencies have to do it within 75 calendar days so that the next action is done.

Once the elusive parent has been identified, the ORS/CSS will write him/her a letter for paternity tests and the suspect will be expected to reply in agreement for the evidence. The letter MUST NOT BE IGNORED because failure to show up would mean the courts assume that indeed you are irresponsible. Important to note, all claims should not be ignored at all costs – generic paternity tests have to be determined by the ORS/CSS.

Enforcement of Child Support – Utah Department of Human Services

  1. Both the federal and state laws call for the ORS to make it easy to find a delinquent parent. It is tasked with:
  2. Collaboration with other states and collecting the payments when the parent is located in another state
  3. Levying the unresponsive parent’s bank account
  4. Submitting liens against the absentee parent’s assets, properties, and bank accounts
  5. Reporting overdue remittances to credit bureaus
  6. Suspending the suspects DL
  7. Intercepting lottery wins, tax refunds, etc
  8. Filing lawsuits on behalf of the custodial parent

In practice, however, when all the legal routes fail, and the state can’t locate the deadbeat parent, experts would advise the custodial parent to do the investigative work on their own or hire a private detective. All these can be done with the help of a family attorney.

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